Microsoft is preparing the launch of its SQL Server 2012, and it appears that March 7th has been selected as the release date for the new product.

The company has just announced an online event on March 7th, 2012, set to stand for the virtual launch of SQL Server 2012.

Microsoft partners will be present at the event as well, the same as some of the company’s most notable customers.

“Join us on March 7, 2012 and be a part of the SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event,” Microsoft notes on the SQL Server Launch website.

“You will have access to over 30+ sessions to learn about the new capabilities of SQL Server 2012 at your own pace, in your own schedule. This event brings together a who’s who of industry experts and executives to tell the SQL Server 2012 story in this unique online launch event.

“You will also ‘meet’ with partners, experts, and peers in a virtual ‘Expo Hall’ to discuss SQL Server 2012 one-on-one.”

Ted Kummert, corporate vice president, Business Platform Division, Microsoft, and Quentin Clark, corporate vice president, Database Systems Group, Microsoft, will keynote at the event.

With SQL Server 2012, Microsoft promises mission critical confidence and blazing fast performance, as well as interactive data visualizations.

Interested parties can head over to this web page at Microsoft to register for participation at the event. Those who would like to have a look at the event’s full agenda will find it on Microsoft’s website here.

What remains to be seen is whether the SQL Server 2012 will enjoy general availability starting with March 7th as well. After all, it is not unusual for Microsoft to make products available weeks or months after their official launch.

In November last year, Microsoft made available for the public the RC0 of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. The company also confirmed at the time that the product would be launched in early 2012, yet it did not offer specifics on the matter.